Harvey Bullock

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Real Identity: Harvey Bullock
Appearances (BTAS): On Leather Wings, It's Never Too Late, Joker's Favor, Pretty Poison, Nothing to Fear, Be a Clown, P.O.V., Vendetta, Beware the Gray Ghost, I Am the Night, Almost Got 'Im, Moon of the Wolf, Christmas with the Joker, Heart of Steel, Heart of Steel Part Two, Off Balance, The Laughing Fish, The Man Who Killed Batman, Zatanna, Robin's Reckoning, Blind as a Bat, Shadow of the Bat, Shadow of the Bat Part Two, Mask of the Phantasm, Baby Doll, Harley's Holiday, Make 'Em Laugh, Lock Up, Catwalk, A Bullet for Bullock, Subzero, Holiday Knights, Mean Seasons, World's Finest, Over the Edge, Torchsong, Critters, Animal Act, Legends of the Dark Knight, Girls' Nite Out, Mad Love, Mystery of the Batwoman and Chase Me
Appearances (SS): The Big Leagues and Hard as Nails
Skills: Deduction
Voiced By: Robert Costanzo

Detective Harvey Bullock is a constant presence in the Gotham City Police Department. A genuinely ill-mannered person, Bullock uses his badge as an excuse to bend the rules and solve a case. Unlike his comrades on the force, Bullock views Batman as a menace to society and would use any chance to try and arrest him. Bullock is not without his own jaded past. Though he started out normal enough, as a rookie beat cop, Bullock made legions of enemies in both the criminal underworld and GCPD's Internal Affairs. Around the same time Batman appeared in Gotham, Bullock was promoted to Detective and soon after, two years later, made one of his bigger arrests. He managed to arrest drug dealer, Vinnie the Shark which cost Vinnie his ascension in the underworld hierarchy.

More recently, in about the eighth year of Batman's campaign, Bullock arrested Spider Conway, a criminal linked to Rupert Thorne. The collar had the potential to take down Thorne but Conway falsely implicated Bullock of taking bribes to look the other way. To say the least, that was the start of Bullock's tumultous relationship with Internal Affairs. Around the same time, Bullock busted a small time crook named Croc Morgan. Croc Morgan, later known as Killer Croc, would eventually try to get his revenge on Bullock but failed. After years of work, Bullock received a death threat that he couldn't shake off. Always occurring near his apartment, Bullock decided to enlist Batman for help despite his hatred for the hero. Unfortunately, it wasn't a mobster out for revenge, but his own landlord driven insane by Bullock.