Carl Beaumont

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Real Identity: Carl Beaumont
Appearances (BTAS): Mask of the Phantasm
Skills: Business and Law
Voiced By: Stacy Keach Jr.

The late Carl Beaumont was a business lawyer with some dirty dealings in Gotham City. He set up corporate partnerships between mob bosses, Salvatore Valestra, Buzz Bronski and Chuckie Sol. However, Beaumont was embezzling from the trio. He was discovered but managed to convince them he had the money to pay them back. Beaumont took what he could and fled America with his daughter, Andrea in tow. The two were aided by one of Beaumont's employees, Arthur Reeves. They moved from place to place and eventually settled on the Mediterranean Coast. Beaumont amassed a small fortune with his embezzled funds and later paid the mob back without revealing himself.

Years later, Reeves was running for council. His campaign funds were running low and Reeves attempted to ask Beaumont for help. Beaumont refused. Desperate and running out of time, Reeves sold Beaumont's location to the mob. Jack Napier was sent to kill Beaumont. As he was leaving, Napier brushed past the horrified Andrea. In retaliation to her father's murder, Andrea later became the assassin Phantasm. When she returned to Gotham, she used her father as a cover in case anyone began to suspect she were involved in the gangland murders.