Bucky Buenventura

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Real Identity: Bucky Buenventura
Affiliation(s): Sorben Institute
Appearances (TZP): Remote Control, The Next Gen, Kid Genius, Wired Part One, Part Two, Lost and Found, On the Wire, and Cabin Pressure
Powers/Skills: Mechanical Aptitude and Hacking
Voiced By: Ulysses Cuadra/Blayn Barbosa

Bucky Buenventura is the son of Rudy and Gloria Buenventura, a pair of inventors living in New Mexico. Like his parents, Bucky is also very gifted but often misdirected his energies and had disrespect for authority. At a young age, the 12 year old prodigy enrolled at the Sorben Institute in Texas. He quickly developed a rebellious streak and was the source of many laboratory explosions. Buenventura's first major breakthrough was the Inductance Controller, a devise capable of taking over any kind of technoogy given schematics are uploaded. The Sorben Director, Dr. Tannor, used Buenventura's record to ban him from the upcoming Innovation Awards and steal his invention. Suspecting a visitor, Buenventura learned about Zeta and hacked into the NSA database. In control of Zeta, he planned on disrupting the Awards to get back at Tannor. Zeta and Ro Rowan helped Buenventura incriminate Tannor.

Buenventura sustained an interest on Zeta and kept tabs on him while continuing to get into trouble at the Institute. After being suspended to his room, Buenventura learned there was a new Infiltration Unit in circulation, the seventh generation. Eager to take control of the IU7, he made a deal with Zeta and Rowan to take him to San Palago, the IU's destination. Unable to take over it, Buenventura helped destroy it with a harbor crane. Months later, he learned that his parents began working for Dr. Tannor when the ex-director contacted him for help. Buenventura asked Zeta and Rowan for their assistance. However, when they arrived at Tannor Enterprises, the damage was done and the Genome Reversal Generator was beyond reproach. Zeta managed to download the Generator schematics and with Buenventura built a second one to restore everyone, including his parents, to normal.

Buenventura remained in contact with the duo but after Zeta was captured by the NSA, he severed any communication at the risk of being discovered. Some time later, while on the run from the bounty hunter Krick, Rowan pleaded with Buenventura to help her revive Zeta. Apparently this act was not enough for Rowan, who felt he abandoned them in Virginia when Zeta was caught. To make it up, he discovered where her long lost brother was, in Golden Bay City, and forwarded the information to her. Meanwhile, Buenventura turned 13 years old and continued to enjoy life at the Institute and terrorized corporations such as Mega Foods & Textile Corporation to make better tasting food. However, the tide soon turned two months later when the NSA finally traced a link to Buenventura and arrested him. They also confiscated all of his possessions and research, including the Inductance Controller. Buenventura managed to activate an emergency signal he secretly implanted on Zeta and revealed there is a 8.8 Mega Hertz locator beacon hidden in his pants.

The NSA suspected he was Brother's Day's contact with Zeta and transferred him aboard a supersonic plane. Buenventura easily distracted Agent West to hack the plane, override navigations, and download secret weapons specifications. Zeta and Ro braved capture to save him. The three reunited in subway station. Out of gratitude, Buenventura installed a variable inductance circuit on Zeta to prevent the NSA from successfully using his Inductance Controller to neutralize him. Assuming he was a fugitive in the laws' eyes, Buenventura decided to meet with a contact in the technology underground and promised to stay in touch with Zeta and Rowan.