Dr. Daniel Brown

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Real Identity: Dr. Daniel Brown
Appearances: The Greatest Story Never Told
Voiced By: George Newbern (?)

Dr. Brown is a leading physicist employed currently at a research and development company branch in Metropolis. Along with his co-worker and good friend, Dr. Tracy Simmons, Dr. Brown worked on a project to create an alternative fuel source using anti-matter. However, during one of their experiments, a super villain named Mordru appeared in Metropolis and rampaged unchecked until several of the Justice League Unlimited arrived and proceeded to defeat him. An earthquake generated in the battle caused an accident in the laboratory and Dr. Brown became fused to the experiment, making him into a walking black hole, sucking anything and everything into the black hole. And, the black hole became more and more unstable over time. Dr. Brown wandered throughout Metropolis while being pursued by the super hero Booster Gold and Dr. Simmons. Using a special collar inhibitor, Booster Gold managed to save Dr. Brown. Afterwards, the effects were nullified and the objects sucked in were expelled and Dr. Brown returned to normal.