Dean Arbagast

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Real Identity: Dean Arbagast
Appearances (BTAS): Subzero
Skills: Finance
Voiced By: Dean Jones

Dean Arbagast is a stockbroker based in Gotham City. He lives in a condo on 29 Carnegie Avenue, Gotham City New York, 10047 with a land line phone number of 212-555-0173. One of Arbagast's clients was Dr. Gregory Belson. Despite Arbagast's warnings, Belson used inside information to leverage futures with everything he owned. However, the Food and Drug Administration put a hold on the drug involved in Belson's information. Belson couldn't pay everything and tried to convince Arbagast to postpone his payment deadline of $2.5 million to the Securities and Exchange Commission.

While investigating Belson's home, Batman and Robin played a voice message left by Arbagast and traced his phone number. The duo interrogated him from his bedroom. During so, Belson happened to call and suddenly revealed he would be able to pay back the SEC in a week. Robin recorded the call and took the voice recorder tape with him. As Arbagast put down the phone, Batman and Robin disappeared without him knowing.