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Real Identity: Unknown
Affiliation(s): Brain Trust
Appearances (TZP): Ro's Gift
Powers/Skills: Power Augmentation
Voiced By: Taylor Gifladi

In the mid-21 st century, a young boy in his pre-teens manifested the power to boost other metahumans' powers. He sparked the interest of the Brain Trust. They appealed to their parents' fears and promised they would help their son fit in, most likely through the guise of a school for talented children. The Trust renamed him, Amp. Amp mostly obeyed his superiors, out of fear but bonded with a fellow recruit, Transita.

Several members of the Trust, including Amp, arrived in a Midwest town intent on blowing up a radio tower and forcing any potential metahumans to manifest. Amp's role was to augment Edgar Mandragora's limited levitating powers to allow him to fly to the top of the tower and plant the thermal device to be used to blow the tower. However, Ro Rowan convinced Amp and Transita to fight back against the Trust. Amp used Schiz' telepathy to overpower the others. After the fiasco, it appears Amp was returned to his parents.