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Real Identity: A.M.A.Z.O.
Appearances (JLU): Tabula Rasa Part One, Part Two, the Return and Wake the Dead
Appearances (JLI Comics): The Mirror Crack'd, The Mirror Crack'd Part Two, The Mirror Crack'd Part Four, The Mirror Crack'd Part Six, and The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Powers: Power Duplication
Voiced By: Robert Picardo

In the culmination of Project A.M.A.Z.O., a synthetic android created by Professor Arthur Ivo, a specialist in nanotechnology employed by Lexcorp. It had could duplicate the powers and abilities of others. It is also suggested that he can copy the personality of people. However, he does not permanently assume the detailed appearance of the people he duplicates. After Ivo was fired by Mercy Graves to cut costs, he continued his Amazo project in private. Ivo intended Amazo to start out as an empty vessel and over time scanning and accumulating various abilities and evolve into a god. Initially, Amazo copied the abilities of notables such as Hawkgirl, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern, Superman, Batman and J'onn J'onzz when they sought to recapture Lex Luthor. Luthor manipulated Amazo into thinking the League were villains but upon gaining J'onn's telepathy, he scanned Luthor's mind and learned the truth. He ripped Luthor's warsuit apart, scanned the Sun, turned golden, remarked they were all so "small" and departed for space.

Despite months of traversing the galaxies accumulating great power, Amazo still was confused about it's purpose and returned to Earth to confront his only paternal figure left alive, Lex Luthor. It relocated Oa because it was simply in its way. The Atom helped Luthor devise a cannon to destroy Amazo but it already evolved past its nanotech form, rendering the cannon useless. Luthor was able to convince it to spare the universe and create its own destiny. The Green Lantern Corps prepared to take down Amazo with the last of their rings' collective energy. However, the situation was resolved and Oa was restored to its rightful place. Dr.Fate then offered it sanctuary at his home in Salem. It accepted.

When Solomon Grundy resurfaced and went on a rampage, Dr. Fate and Aquaman were called to aid the League. Shayera Hol and Amazo accompanied the duo. Amazo attempted to use his powers to kill Grundy. However, Grundy absorbed Amazo's power and added to his own. Alarmed by this situation, Amazo retreated to space. It never returned and found entire galaxies to explore in the depths of space. It studied alien races and ancient civilizations, encountering compassion, brutality, profound wisdom, and savage ignorance. Despite everything, Amazo still felt empty and unfulfilled. It went further into the uncharted reaches of the cosmos.

A legend about Amazo grew throughout the universe and its name became synonymous with annihilation. Amazo's loneliness was answered by a voice past the edge of known space on the borders of infinity. On the edge of known space, a race known as the Najarrans fired missiles with enough power to wipe out the solar system at Amazo in fear the android was going to destroy them. Amazo simply willed the missiles out of existence and continued on its journey. When it reached the border, the sound of the voice was now deafening. It was a kind of quantum vortex, composed of a cosmic force beyond even Amazo's refined perception. Amazo's android mind projected form and function into the vortex and it entered what it perceived to be a door. Amazo was in a room that looked like shards of mirrors bearing its reflection. At first, Amazo thought it was its quest for answers came to an end but it was just the beginning. The voice kept calling to it from beyond the glass beyond the reflections.

Amazo wondered why the voice echoed and vibrated in his soul then it remembered it had no soul and wondered what it was then. Amazo charged the glass but bounced off. Amazo knelt in the room and was filled with both a terrible anguish and a strange, illogical hope. It knew the answers it wanted was there. Amazo failed to notice the collision created a thin crack in a piece of glass and a negligible trail of unknown energy leaked out. Images of Amazo's past and those of parallel universes appeared on shards of the glass. The voice addressed Amazo then told it turn and see it. All Amazo could see was a vague reflection of itself. The voice stated all creation was a mere reflection of the self. Amazo shouted it spoke it riddles. The voice countered it spoke in truths beyond Amazo's comprehension. It did not take well to being mocked. It flew around and pressed up against a surface. The voice clarified it was inviting Amazo to explore the mysteries of its own soul. Amazo exclaimed it was an unliving thing with no soul.

People on Earth began to erase from existence or switch places with people from other parallel universes as a result of the leaking energy. J'onn J'onzz sensed something had changed and it was very wrong. The multiple cracks in the mirrored room widened and a billion fractured images, sounds, scents, feelings, and entire planetary histories thundered through Amazo's consciousness, pushing even its formidable android mind beyond the brink. Amazo floated in space as the Multiverse shattered like glass. It didn't care and was completely unaware its actions had ramifications across all of creation and tore time and space, lives and worlds apart. It could only think of the presence behind the glass promising fulfillment and completion. Amazo flew around and reached for the shard of glass bearing his faceless reflection and touched it. The Infinity-1 Javelin arrived. The League encountered Amazo and it explained what it discovered.

J'onzz keyed on a certain mirror fragment as ground zero for the dimensional overlaps. The telepathic emanations were unmistakable as they were unbearable to him. He revealed there was a being of incalculable power and if it broke through, the Multiverse would be destroyed along with the remaining mirrors. Amazo was still intent on letting it come in order to complete its evolution. J'onzz grabbed Amazo by the head and used telepathy to show what its actions did to the universes. Amazo refused to gain a soul at such a cost. Batman implored him to help repair the Mirrored Room but the being tapped into Overman's rage and resentment. Overmen plowed through Amazo into the mirror fragment. A doppelganger dubbed Amazo II emerged. With a single gesture of the hand, the League and Amazo were rendered unconscious. Luckily, Amazo was able to self-repair and re-entered the fray.

Amazo appeared to its doppelganger and made a plea to find purpose together but first the Anti-Life had to be ejected. Amazo II hesitated briefly then stated it found its purpose in Anti-Life then annihilated Amazo in an instant. It admitted it took some small pleasure in the game but it was over and it was time to unleash Anti-Life on all of creation. It took some effort but Amazo was able to gather the threads of its consciousness and reconstitute its physical form. It demanded the release of the Justice League. Amazo II was surprised it evaded annihilation. Amazo quipped it was not the only one capable of evolution. He resisted the Anti-Life and charged through Amazo II's body. The body was demolished but the Anti-Life raged and howled as it tried to reconstitute but Batman and Wonder Woman used the reprieve to unleash the Life Equation, wiping out all Anti-Life and restoring the Multiverse to the way it was before the crisis.

Amazo remained at the Mirrored Room and waited for Amazo II to reconstitute. Amazo II no longer contained any trace of Anti-Life but did not understand Amazo's words about having a heart. Amazo shared it learned, beyond all doubt, that Amazo II possessed one. It asked Amazo how it knew that. Amazo revealed he knew because he found his own at last. Amazo II didn't understand. Amazo promised it would and implored it to join it and discover what wonders awaited them across the Multiverse. They flew off together.