Alice and Billy

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Real Identity: Alice and Billy
Appearances (BTAS): Mad As A Hatter
Skills: (Alice) Minimal secretary skills and (Billy) Some strength
Voiced By: (Alice) Kimmy Robertson

Alice is a young secretary employed by Wayne Industries and works under Dr. Marcia Cates. She formerly worked with Research and Development employee, Jervis Tetch. Tecth was secretly obsessed with Alice, whom he believed resembled the character Alice from writer Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

However, Alice had no romantic interest in Tetch. She was in an off and on again romance with her one-time boyfriend, Billy. When the two became engaged, Tetch made a desperate move. He used his mind control chips and kidnapped Alice and took her to the Gotham Storybookland amusement land. After Tetch was stopped by Batman, Alice and Billy were reunited. It is assumed that the two later married.