Zero Point Generator

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JL): Hereafter Part Two
Powers/Skills: Unlimited Energy Source
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Thousands of years into the future, in a hypertimeline, Vandal Savage invented a Zero Point Generator. It is a quantum mechanical device that draws zero point energy from a vacuum of space. Since by definition, zero point energy can never be depleted and a region of space can never have less than that amount, it is theoretically an unlimited and free energy source. A practical working device was never completed due to limitations in thermodynamics. After simultaneously taking over and dooming Earth, Savage now had the time to perfect one as a hobby. Acting as a miniature sun, the Generator could perpetually power his Time Machine.

However, the device attracted the attention of a giant cockroach mound. They broke into his home and stole the Generator to use as a heat source. 30 years later, a time-lost Superman teamed up with Savage to take back the device in order to return him to the 21st century. Upon exposure, Superman also regained his super powers. Once connected to the Time Machine, Savage wished him luck. Since the timeline was changed, it is unknown if the Zero Point Generator was still built in the 70th century.