Weather Wand

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): Speed Demons
Appearances (JL/U): Hereafter Part One, I Am Legion, Flash and Substance, and Alive!
Powers/Skills: Weather Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ben Mardon dreamed of creating his Weather Wand to help society. However, he was unable to procure enough funding. His brother, Mark Mardon funded it at $1 billion. In order to affect the weather, it needed to absorb enough high velocity ionic energy. Mark Mardon rigged a device on electric tracking clamps that would be attached to the Flash and Superman during the Fastest Man Alive charity race. With enough residual energy, the Wand was no longer tied to Mardon's technology. As the supervillain Weather Wizard, the Wand was useful in long range combat. However, once someone got close enough to disarm him, he was powerless.

During Lex Luthor's leadership of the Legion of Doom, Luthor ordered Weather Wizard to use his Wand to weld the walls of the Citadel airtight. Luthor planned to take the Citadel into space and couldn't afford any leaks. After Darkseid was resurrected, he blew up the Citadel. The Wand was destroyed in the blast, as well.