Von Ulster's Faberge Egg

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): I've Got Batman In My Basement and Time Out Of Joint
Powers/Skills: Valuable
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Faberge Eggs are 105 prized jeweled eggs created between 1885-1917 by Peter Carl Faberge. Originally, Czar Alexander III commissioned Faberge to create a golden egg as a present for his wife during Easter and their 20th wedding anniversary. They were crafted with precious metals and gem stones and became a symbol of luxury and higher art. Of the 105, only 69 have survived to present day and are held by public museums in America and Europe.

In Gotham City, Von Ulster's Faberge Egg was stolen by the Penguin's henchmen, Jay and Raven, and pet bird Scrap. Two young Gotham citizens names Sherman Grant and Roberta came into the possession of the Egg and gave an unconscious Batman asylum. After the Penguin was defeated and arrested, the Egg was recovered and returned to its rightful owner. Years later, a Faberge Egg was purchased by Veronica Vreeland for $200,000 at the Gotham Antiquarian Society.