Virtual Reality

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): What Is Reality?
Powers/Skills: Simulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Virtual Reality is a computer generated 3D simulation of any environment primarily through audio-visual means. In some cases, it requires tactile commands through a wired glove or simple keyboard input. The only limitation of virtual reality is bandwidth, image resolution, and processing power. While introduced in the 1920's, the first viable use of it was as a flight simulator introduced by Tom Furness in 1966. Over the decades, virtual reality began to improve but cost has hampered any revolutionary growth.

As part of his latest scheme, the Riddler distracted the Gotham City Police Department with a virtual reality set up. It was hooked into the Department's own phone line and was played through helmets wired into the game. Once Commissioner Gordon entered the reality, Riddler trapped him in there until Batman entered and outsmarted him. Before Riddler could eject from the game, Robin fried the device and left the villain in a temporary catatonic state. Over 50 years later, Hover Virtual Reality gifted users with full sensory immersion but was misused by Spellbinder to drug his victims.