Time Machine

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (GG): Cat-N-Mouse
Appearances (JL/U): The Savage Time Part One, Part Three, and Hereafter Part Two
Appearances (SS): Future Shock
Powers/Skills: Time Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the 21st century, Vandal Savage utilized heavy matter to generate an unstable window of time to the past that could only be sustained for 48 hours because he was unable to control its wave fluctuations. Besides a power requirement, another flaw of the time machine was that he could not travel to a point of time where he already exists. Instead, he pre-recorded instructions to himself on how to build certain technologies and to take advantage of the last possible chance he had to take over the world, win World War II. As his past self began to change history, the present already began to change but the force field generated by Green Lantern managed to protect the Justice League from being rewritten. They journeyed to the end of World War II and stopped Savage. The majority of the timeline was preserved except for a few military personnel such as Steve Trevor who remembered the League.

During a hypertimeline, Vandal Savage took over the world but his gravity powers took its toll on Earth. Surviving for 5000 years, he eventually learned how to perfect his time machine, with a Zero Point Generator. However, several giant insects stole it to use as a heat source. 30 years later, Savage met a time-lost Superman. Together, they went after the insects when hydroelectric power failed to sustain the time machine. Superman returned to his time and led the Justice League to prevent Savage from stealing white dwarf star matter from Dr. Ray Palmer. Thus, the hypertimeline inhabited by the future Savage was rewritten.

Around the same time, a renegade scientist in Gotham City also created a time machine. Fashioned as a super villain named Timecode, he would let clients use his device for a price. He was cornered by the Gotham City Police Department and fought Batman, Robin, and Static. They confiscated the device and took it to the Batcave. By accident, Static was sent 50 years into the future where he met the second Batman, Bruce Wayne, and himself. After helping rescue himself, Static was returned to the present with Gear's knowledge. It is unknown what happened to Timecode's machine but it was most likely deemed too dangerous by Batman and was safely dismantled.