Summoning Tablet

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS Comics): Demons
Powers/Skills: Summoning, Binding, and Death Touch
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Summoning Tablet is a stone tablet carved with mystic symbols impervious to destruction by mortal means. The primary function of the artifact was to summon the demon Haahk. First, the dispelling of the curse with the sacred invocation, "Ah-Nahl-Nathrach...Ooth-Ba-Spethuth...Doh-Hil-Nieldre" was required or else the Tablet would instantly kill those who touched it. Second, the Tablet could only be use for summoning on hallowed ground. A portal for Haahk was made with a pentagram drawing with one person standing at each point. The summoning spell could then be performed, "Tsetaerg Eht Saw Ybrik, Nitas Teews Ym, Kcab Nrut Smra Ym Semitemos, Luap Deirub I!" The Tablet left a trail of death in its wake. There are stories of a Mayan king who had accidentally wiped out his own people while trying to master its power.

In the late 1700s, Jason Blood tracked the Summoning Tablet to South America. He came to the conclusion the Tablet was too dangerous and intended to lock it up. Ra's al Ghul arrived to take it into his custody but Etrigan intervened. Jason Blood hid the Tablet beneath the foundation of Old Gotham in the United States of America. 200 years later, Ra's tracked the Tablet to a cornerstone of an office building on 112 River Street. He had the building blown up and secured the artifact. Ra's al Ghul used the Summoning Tablet to summon Haahk and attempted to banish Etrigan to Hell. Batman intervened and took the Tablet. Etrigan then used the Tablet to return Haahk to Hell. Rather than let Blood lock up or hide it again, Etrigan destroyed the Summoning Tablet.