Shock Box

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): Grounded, Child's Play, Sons of the Fathers, Winds of Change, Bent Out of Shape, Replay, Sunspots, Trouble Squared, Brother-Sister Act, Frozen Out, Pop's Girlfriend, Power Play, The Big Leagues, Duped, Static in Africa, Gear, The Usual Suspect, Flashback, A League of Their Own Part Two, The Parent Trap, Romeo in the Mix, Toys in the Hood, Future Shock, Out of Africa, Hoop Squad, and Now You See Him...
Powers/Skills: Communication
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Shock Box is the second invention of Richie Foley and is utilized by himself and Static. It is a titanium 2.8 ounce mobile communication device. It is essentially a homemade cell phone, has extra functions such as voice recorder, and can be rewired to listen on another like an intercomm. Originally, the Shock Box has a limited range like a radio walkie-talkie but if Static applies a large enough charge, he can increase the range. While in Ghana, Africa, he was able to talk to Foley, who was in Dakota City.

When Virgil Hawkins was kidnapped by the Meta-Breed, Gear tracked him down using the signal from his active Shock Box. The Shock Box has been used against the duo. The first time was when Gear was captured by Dr. Odium. Using a voice modulator, Odium disguised his voice as Gear's and led Static and the Hoop Squad to a nanite trap.

In the 2050's, the Shock Box has been modified in appearance and capacity. When leaving a voice message on the Box's answering machine, it can be left as a recorded hologram. The Dakota cell of Kobra was able to hack into Static's Shock Box and leave a falsified message from Gear. As a result, Static was captured and was to be executed when their leader returned.