Series Alpha

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): Prototype
Powers/Skills: Armed Warfare
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Series Alpha is the name for the prototype of the LexCorp Police Battlesuit and was invented by John Henry Irons. Designed to create a privatized law enforcement unit, the Aplha grants invulnerability and super strength and is equipped with black light lasers, impact grenade launchers, jet packs, and infrared scopes. To allow greater control of the suit, the user's nervous system is integrated into the suit. One flaw of the suit was the integration led to heightened aggression and increasingly violent outbursts. A failsafe was built to balance this out. A separate jamming device had to be connected to the neural system, thus neutralizing the suit.

Highly decorated Special Crimes Unit officer, Sergeant Corey Mills was chosen to test the suit. The flaw drove him insane. When Luthor applied the jammer, Mills fell onto it and disabled it. He then proceeded to meek out justice on Luthor but Superman intervened. A high voltage wire was applied to the suit to finally neutralize it. Irons quit but at Superman's behest, strived to make improvements and reform the suit. Ultimately, this prototype paved the way for the Steel suit.