Robot Dinosaur

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (TNBA): Mean Seasons
Appearances (STAS): A Little Piece of Home
Appearances (BB): Rebirth Part One, Blackout, Disappearing Inque, Splicers, Babel, The Last Resort, Sneak Peek, Out of the Past, and Return of the Joker
Appearances (JL/U): Starcrossed Part Two, Part Three, The Once and Future Thing Part One, and Epilogue
Appearances (SS): Future Shock
Powers/Skills: Animatronics
Voiced By: Not Applicable

After discovering Superman's weakness to Kryptonite, Lex Luthor attempted to kill the super hero many times. He once lured Superman and Lois Lane to the Lex Luthor Museum. Once inside, Luthor remotely activated a Tyrannosaurus Rex statue and attacked. Superman was weakened by the Kryptonite present and suffered numerous gashes. Lois Lane threw the Kryptonite in a lead display then Superman destroyed the robot dinosaur.

While searching for Calendar Girl in Gotham City's redevelopment district, the confrontation spilled outside where she activated an animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex, most likely leftover from a movie shoot to kill Batman and Batgirl. After they immobilized it and defeated Calendar Girl, Batman confiscated it for his Batcave's Trophy Room. Among those who have been in the Batcave, the Flash was the most impressed with it. 65 years later, the dinosaur is still intact in the Batcave.