Quantum Belts

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Time Out of Joint
Powers/Skills: Time Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Quantum Belts are the creation of Dr. Wakati, who desired to aid society. The belt, when activated, can warp time and allow time to go by faster or slower. Wakati envisioned agriculture thriving and using the belt to grow more crops faster. Or in the age of disarmament, the military could use the belt to allow nuclear payloads' half-life to expire. In the field of medicine, terminal patients could have a higher rate of survival and safely await a suitable donor match. While conducting experiments in the remote Cranston Estates, he was able to slow the descending rate of a ball to a tenth of a millimeter each week.

Unfortunately, Temple Fugate posed as Wakati's servant and began to use the Quantum Belts for his own agenda, kill Mayor Hill. After successfully stealing a rare timepiece without being seen, Fugate went after Hill. When Batman and Robin intervened, Fugate barely escaped and damaged his belt. However, he did discover the Batmobile and hid a Quantum Belt on the undercarriage. Trapped in a time bubble, Batman and Robin lost 48 hours before using a Grappling Gun to punch through the floor and destroy the device. After freeing Wakati from being frozen in time from another belt, and learned Hill's life was still in danger. They borrowed two belts and rode their Bat Cycles in time to save Hill from a hidden bomb. Disappointed, Dr. Wakati swore to never share his technology with society.