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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): The Once and Future Thing Part Two
Powers: Orbit and Velocity
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Originally ranging between 10 micrometers to 50 meters, meteors are first formed as meteroids, solid objects in space. They can contain anything from calcium, iron, magnesium, silicate, or sodium and have the power of an atomic bomb. Once it enters a planet's atmosphere, the meteoroid is reclassified as meteor and if it doesn't burn up and survives intact, is called a meteorite.

In a hypertimeline of the 2050's, Chronos armed the Jokerz with future technology and took over Neo Gotham. However, he later discovered that one of the Jokerz, Chucko, betrayed him and revealed the location of the time-lost Justice League for credits. Chronos transported Chucko to the final age of dinosaurs near the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico where he witnessed the arrival of the famous meteor. Since Batman reset the timeline, Chucko was never killed in this manner.