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Real Identity: Lexwing
Appearances (STAS): World's Finest Part Three
Powers/Skills: Transportation and Laser Emission
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Lexwing is a flying wing vehicle developed by the aeronautics division of LexCorp. Compared to the Batwing, it is 20 times larger and arguably 100 times more lethal. It was stored in a separate facility from the main headquarters. Displeased with the Joker and Harley Quinn's failure to kill Superman, Luthor arranged to meet them at this facility. He revealed he was going to frame them for the murder attempts and kill them. The Joker, however, kidnapped Luthor and decided to use the Lexwing to destroy everything built by Luthor, Metropolis. After having it repainted in a mock smile, Joker set off. Batman gave chase in the Batwing and was aided by Superman. With a combination of Harley Quinn's ineptitude and Joker's exploding marbles, the Lexwing was destroyed. The Joker avoided death and somehow ejected from it just as it crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.