LexCorp Sky Sentry

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Real Identity: LexCorp Sky Sentry
Appearances (STAS): Ghost in the Machine
Powers/Skills: Magnetism
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sometime in the spring, Lex Luthor debuted his LexCorp Sky Sentry to the military. It is designed to emit a high-powered magnetic beam and knock out guided missiles. At the same time, Brainiac needed Luthor's technical skills to complete its new body. It downloaded itself into the computers of the Sky Sentry and sabotaged it during the demonstration. Infuriated, he scrapped it and decommissioned it to LexCorp's Research and Development Lab in Sector Six. As a result, Brainiac trapped Luthor in the lab and forced him to do his bidding. After Superman and Mercy Graves arrived, the Sky Sentry was reactivated and magnetized Brainiac. As a result, the lab imploded onto Brainiac. Its remains were technically LexCorp property and confiscated by such.