Lazarus Pit

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): The Demon's Quest Part One and Part Two
Appearances (STAS): The Demon Reborn
Appearances (BB): Out of the Past
Powers/Skills: Healing
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Sometime in the late 14th century, a mystic discovered pools filled with an alchemical mix of acids and poisons excavated above the electromagnetic leylines crisscrossing the Earth. After learning this pool could restore an old man back to a young, healthy adult, the mystic took the name Ra's Al Ghul and lived for many centuries. He discovered more of these pools and called them Lazarus Pits, after a person from the Bible who Jesus Christ resurrected from the dead. At least four of these Lazarus Pits are in Ra's Al Ghul's possession: the Himalayan Mountains , Egypt, Cuba, and one un-named Pit. Historically, it seems that only Ra's Al Ghul and his children, Arkady DuVall and Talia, were the only ones to have used the Pits' restorative power.

However, with every gift, there is a drawback. The stress of physical rejuvenation from the Lazarus Pit causes temporary insanity. The amount of time spent in the Pit determines how much youth is restored. It is moot but the centuries of immersing in the Pit may have influenced Ra's Al Ghul's twisted worldview. After 600 years, he began to note how the Lazarus Pit's effects lasted less and less for him until finally it could no longer heal his body. Unwilling to die without first saving the Earth, Ra's engineered a plan to erupt every Lazarus Pit and flood the planet. As a result, it would be restored to its original natural state, cleansed of humanity. He planned to start this chain reaction from a Lazarus Pit located somewhere in the Sahara Desert with his satellite, Orpheus. It would trigger every bomb laid near the Lazarus Pits. Batman infiltrated Ra's' compound and stopped the feed from Orpheus.

In the Near Apocalypse of '09, it appears Ra's Al Ghul initiated a similar plan but with more devastating results. Several places across the planet were devastated before Batman and Talia could defeat Ra's. Unable to be healed by the Lazarus Pit, Ra's transferred his consciousness into Talia and took over her body for almost 50 years. Since then, the method of immersion in the Lazarus Pit was refined. The user was bound within an egg-like chamber and lowered into the Pit. Several ducts would open and allow the Pit's chemicals to enter. After a specified amount of time, the chamber was raised and the chemicals safely drained out. In the 2050's, Bruce Wayne was manipulated into using the Lazarus Pit in New Cuba. He was restored to approximately his 50's and with Terry McGinnis, discovered Talia was Ra's Al Ghul and confronted him. In the scuffle, a live wire fell into the Lazarus Pit and caused a massive explosion that destroyed the castle above it.