Justice League Comm Link

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (JL/U): The Enemy Below Part One, Part Two, Injustice For All Part One, Paradise Lost Part Two, The Brave and The Bold Part Two, Fury Part One, Metamorphosis Part One, Part Two, Tabula Rasa Part One, Part Two, Only A Dream Part One, Part Two, Maid of Honor Part One, Part Two, A Better World Part One, Eclipsed Part Two, Secret Society Part One, Part Two, Hereafter Part One, Part Two, Wild Cards Part One, Part Two, Starcrossed Part One, Initiation, Hawk and Dove, Fearful Symmetry, This Little Piggy, The Return, The Greatest Story Never Told, Ultimatum, Dark Heart, Wake the Dead, The Cat and The Canary, The Doomsday Sanction, Task Force X, The Balance, Double Date, Clash, Question Authority, Flashpoint, Panic in the Sky, Divided We Fall, Chaos at the Earth's Core, Flash and Substance, Patriot Act, The Great Brain Robbery, Grudge Match, Far From Home, Ancient History, and Destroyer
Powers: Communication
Voiced By: Not Applicable

As a method of quick and personal communication between members of the Justice League, the communication link was invented most likely by Batman. Referred to as the comm link informally, it appears as a wireless ear implant and is invisible to the naked eye. It emits a low frequency ping during transmission and is answered by a slight tap with the finger. As with the expansion of the League, new members were also given links. However, as in the case of Huntress, upon expulsion one of the items forfeit is the comm link. The use of the device came into greater use as a way to pinpoint the location of people to teleport. As a precaution, all Cadmus facilities are comm link-shielded.

However, it was also used against them by the Legion of Doom. As an effort to make Metabrawl lucrative again, Lex Luthor assigned Sonar to aid Roulette and broadcast Grodd's mind control technology on the comm link's signal. Female superheroes were targeted and used to fight in Metabrawl while in a trance state. They had no memory of the fights and only noted physical exhaustion chalked up to JLU missions. Huntress began to suspect something was awry while observing Black Canary. She followed her to a Metabrawl in Bludhaven and was captured. They both later realize this was the source of the problem and while being forced to fight Vixen, Shayera Hol, and Wonder Woman, they removed their links.