Jupiter of Smyrna Statue

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (JLU): The Once and Future Thing Part Two
Powers: Worship
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Jupiter of Smyrna was a supreme god of Roman mythology. Assigned to various attributes, Jupiter is mainly regarded as a god of soldiers, patron of iron workers, and oak trees are sacred to him. He is also part of two triads of war gods: one with Mars and Quirinus and a second with Juno and Minerva. His worship was extended to the ancient city of Smyrna, a former Greek settlement turned Roman metropolis during the time of Alexander the Great.

After David Clinton returned to Neo Gotham utterly insane, he destroyed the Justice League and began to litter the city with major artifacts and landmarks from the past. One of them was a statue of Jupiter of Smyrna. Once Batman reset the timeline, the statue and other artifacts were returned to their rightful place and time.