Inductance Controller

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (TZP): Remote Control, The Next Gen, and Cabin Pressure
Powers/Skills: Remote Control
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the mid-21st century, the Inductance Controller is the invention the the boy genius, Bucky Buenventura during his tenure at the Sorben Institute. He promoted it as the ultimate remote and all it required was a device's schematics. However, the Institute's director, Dr. Tannor planned to pass off the device as his own during the upcoming Innovation Awards. Tannor used Buenventura's attitude as an excuse to exclude him from the Awards and take credit of the Controller without objection.

After discovering a federal warrant on Zeta, Bucky hacked into the NSA database, stole, and uploaded Zeta's schematics into the COntroller. Zeta's motor control was immediately compromised and he fell under the boy's influence. When Buenventura discovered Tannor's intentions, a second controller was created to rectify the situation. After Tannor confessed, Zeta destroyed the Controllers. Still hoping to secure his own infiltration unit, Buenventura learned of a unit headed to San Palago and manipulated Zeta and Ro into escorting them to the island nation. However, the Infiltration Unit 7 resisted the Controller after exposure.

Some time later, the NSA discovered Buenventura's involvement with Zeta and had him arrested and his equipment confiscated. While being transported, NSA scientists and Agent Rush discovered the Inductance Controller and its purpose. However, Agent West's meddling gave Zeta a moment to escape. In the aftermatch, Buenventura integrated a variable inductance circuit into Zeta to prevent further use of the Controller.