Hyperspace Bypass System

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (JL): Starcrossed Part One, Part Two, and Part Three
Powers: Hyperspace Window Generation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Hyperspace Bypass System was the last resort tactic of the Thanagarians in their war against the Gordanians. By sacrificing a chain of planets, they would be able to instantly teleport their armada past enemy-occupied planets to the Gordanian homeword and force a decisive end. The technology of the device is advanced in Earth standards but not Martian and incorporates Hyper-Conductivity and Meson-Graviton Inversion. The final planet in the chain was Earth. Lieutenant Shayera Hol was sent to Earth five years ahead of time to assess Earth's defenses in anticipation of resistance.

Ultimately, a cover story was fabricated to manipulate the people of Earth into allowing a device to be constructed on their planet. By rigging a Gordanian vessel, the Thanagarians forces led by Commander Hro Talek would appear as a benevolent force and offer their aid. After much debate, the World Assembly agreed to accept. Weeks later, what was believed to be a force field generator was finished in the Gobi Desert, where the least amount of impact would occur. Disguised as a politician, Batman uncovered the truth but the Thanagarians neutralized him, the Justice League, and undercover soldiers easily, with Hol's intelligence.

After the League regrouped at the Batcave, Hol arrived and gave them the data on the Hyperspace Bypass. They agreed to split into two units. One, including Superman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern, would attack the force field control source on Hro Talek's command ship. Batman, Flash, and J'onn Jonzz would retrieve a weapon to be used to destroy the Bypass, the Justice League Watchtower. After liberating it, Batman elected to manually pilot the Watchtower alone in a suicide run to ensure the plan was carried out. As Batman neared, Green Lantern and Shayera Hol defeated Talek and deactivated the Bypass' force field. Superman broke formation and extracted Batman from the Watchtower just in time. It successfully crashed into and destroyed the Bypass. Earth was saved again, yet, Thanagar fell to the Gordanians soon after.