Hyperion-Class Defense Satellite

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Return of the Joker
Powers/Skills: Laser Emission and Orbiting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Hyperion-Class Defense Satellite is a laser-armed defense satellite launched into geosynchronous orbit around Earth by the United States Federal Government. Its commission was justified as a measure to shoot down enemy missiles. When activated, the laser port descends and fires either a short blast or sustained beam.

In the 2050's, the Joker began to exact more control over Tim Drake's body and planned to hijack the satellite for his own sinister comeback. He infiltrated and took over a gang of Jokerz and sent them to steal parts for a satellite jamming system. Batman tried to stop them but failed for a three week period. A breakthrough happened when they tried to steal a systems scanner from Gotham Shipping. In the escape, the scanner was destroyed.

The Joker, after killing one of them and reassuring their confidence in him, hatched a new plan to steal another scanner. He chose Wayne Enterprises. After making a deal with the embittered Jordan Pryce, the Jokerz received codes to a Wayne Research Lab in exchange for killing Bruce Wayne. While the Joker crashed the opening of a new Wayne Enterprises complex, Chucko and Ghoul would steal the scanner. With the jamming system completed, the Joker could access the satellite and fire it at will. The Joker planned to shoot down sections of Gotham and re-establish his reign of terror on the city. Batman and Ace intervened at the abandoned Jolly Jack Candy Factory. During the scuffle, Joker's electric toy buzzer interacted with the jamming system. As a result, the satellite fired a sustained beam that made a slow lurch towards the factory. Escaping with Ace and Tim Drake, Batman and the Neo Gotham Police witnessed as the jamming system and factory were destroyed. The link to the satellite was severed and it returned to normal orbit.