Hover VR

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Hooked Up and Eyewitness
Powers/Skills: Virtual Simulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the 2050's, virtual reality has expanded in capacity to allow its user to experience total freedom of movement and sensory immersion. In Neo Gotham, the VR Room, an arcade in the downtown district, prominently features Hover VR. Unfortunately, Spellbinder used the technology for his own purposes. While being subjected to it, Spellbinder would inject his victims with an overdose of serotonin and make them dependent like a drug. In return for time in Hover VR, they would have to steal for the villain. Donnie Grasso was one of his victims and prompted Max Gibson to try and investigate undercover. Batman intervened and was aided by Gibson.

The Neo Gotham Police Department confiscated the Hover VR technology and studied it in order to properly treat Grasso, Kip, and Spellbinder's other victims. Months later, the police incorporated the technology as an alternative to prison and solution for overcrowding and more dangerous repeat criminals. Mad Stan was one known to be imprisoned with this method.