Holographic Emitter

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (TZP): All 26 Episodes
Powers/Skills: Holographic Projection
Voiced By: Not Applicable

As part of the Infiltration Unit's capacity, each synthoid contains a built-in Holographic Emitter. With it, they can assume any human form, even down to their specific voice modulations. Of the original team, it was Dr. Marcus Edmund who designed the Emitters. Years later, Edmund was approached by Brother's Day to aid them in finding the coordinates of the Knossos and giving them access by posing as Dr. Eli Selig. Zeta and Ro intervened and saved Edmund. They convinced him to allow them to take his place. Edmund agreed and gifted an Emitter to Ro. Despite the power of the device, a simple holo-viewer binocular can allow its user to see the true appearance of someone using the Emitter.