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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): The Cape and Cowl Conspiracy and Zatanna
Appearances (STAS): The Main Man Part One and Solar Power
Appearances (BB): Spellbound, Sentries of the Lost Cosmos, Curse of the Kobra Part One, and Return of the Joker
Appearances (JL/U): Only A Dream Part One, Starcrossed Part Two, Fearful Symmetry, Hunter's Moon, To Another Shore, Flash and Substance, and Far From Home
Appearances (SS): Blast From The Past and Future Shock
Powers/Skills: Illusion
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In 1947, Dennis Gabor, Hungarian physicist, discovered the hologram and came about as an accident during research in electron microscopes. Holography continued to evolved, especially with the invention of lasers in 1960. The first known recorded 3-D hologram was by Yuri Denisyuk, of the Soviet Union, in 1962. In general, light is scattered from an object onto a recording medium then a second light illuminates the recording medium.

Holograms were technology abused by several villains over the years such as the Instigator, the Preserver, Luminus, Mirror Master, Spellbinder, and the Joker. In particular, Luminus manipulates laser fields to solidify holograms and essentially clone himself. Brute force will dissolve the hologram but a large group of these holograms can easily overwhelm an unprepared person.