Heart of Darkness

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (JL): Eclipsed Part One and Part Two
Powers: Possession
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Heart of Darkness is a crystal which holds the souls of over a dozen Ophidians, a serpent-humanoid race of moon worshippers who were locked in war with the first humans of Earth. With their defeat imminent, several of the Ophidians sealed themselves within the crystal with the resolve that one day, they would get revenge. The humans set up a temple and assigned a guardian and his descendents to prevent the crystal from ever leaving its altar. However, if one is possessed, the only two ways to terminate the Heart's mental hold is to either decapitate the victim or expose them to pure light. Each guardian was prepared in both methods. Recently, when a U.S. military black ops team entered the temple, the latest guardian, Mophir failed to prevent them from touching the crystal and it began possessing people, systematically trying to learn a method in which to eradicate the human race.

After the lone soldier returned to his assigned base near Central City, he drove onto a test site for the Anti-Fusion Device. He was captured and the Heart traded hands to the highest official, General McCormick. He then learned as much information as he could about the device and observed the power of the Justice League. Dressed as a gaudy supervillain, McCormick fought against Green Lantern, the Flash, and Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman defeated him and confiscated the Heart, being possessed next. During an interrogation by the Central City Police Department, McCormick had no recollection of why he was dressed like he was or why he was charged with stealing the Anti-Fusion Device.

After the Flash learned the truth from Mophir, he returned to the Watchtower and tested his comrades to see who had the Heart. Green Lantern attacked but he was eventually overpowered. The Heart was shattered by Hawkgirl but the fragments embedded themselves in everyone but the Flash. He struggled to avoid capture and exposed them to the 700,000 Watt light in the Watchtower's lower level. It is unknown if the Heart was completely disposed of afterwards and its location is in question since the original Watchtower was destroyed in the conclusion of the Thanagarian occupation.