Hand of Fate

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): If You're So Smart, Why Aren't You Rich?
Powers/Skills: Flight
Voiced By: Not Applicable

While working for Competitron, Edward Nygma created the computer game, "Riddle of the Minotaur," based on the Greek myth, Labyrinth. While navigating the maze, the player must answer and solve various riddles. If it is answered incorrectly, the Hand of Fate grabs the player's avatar and takes them back to an earlier point in the game. Sometime in the gap of two years, an amusement park based on the game was built outside of Gotham City down to the Hand of Fate, a giant flying golden palm.

When Batman and Robin arrived in search of Nygma, now the Riddler, and the kidnapped CEO Daniel Mockridge, they discovered the maze was turned into a giant deathtrap. Running out of time, Batman purposely answered a riddle incorrectly to attract the Hand. Batman used a piece of debris to rip open the Hand and reprogram it to miniature computer on his gauntlet. Together with Robin, he rode the Hand to the center of the maze and answered the Minotaur's riddle. Unable to accept defeat, the Riddler ordered the Minotaur robot to kill them anyway. Batman then summoned the Hand of Fate and crashed it into the Minotaur, destroying both.