Green Lantern Battery

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): In Brightest Day
Appearances (JL): In Blackest Night Part Two, Only A Dream Part Two, and Hearts and Minds Part One
Appearances (SS): Fallen Hero
Appearances (JLI): The Mirror Crack'd Part Seven
Powers/Skills: Power Source
Voiced By: Not Applicable

1000 years ago, the Manhunters were stripped of their power and demoted by the Guardians of the Universe. It is believed this power was then shifted into a giant apparatus named the Central Battery, on the planet Oa. They then forged thousands of miniature batteries named Green Lanterns, after their new police force the Green Lantern Corps, and linked them to the Central Battery.

The power rings of the Green Lanterns can hold a full charge for 24 hours then must be recharged by a Green Lantern's personal power battery. After inserting the ring into the battery, the Green Lantern counts the time needed for a full charge by reciting the Green Lantern Oath. Most Green Lanterns choose to conceal their power battery in a pocket dimension. Jon Stewart is known to hide his somewhere in the living room of his Detroit apartment.

After framing Jon Stewart and drawing out most of the Guardians, the Manhunters invaded Oa, intent on draining the Central Battery. Their leader entered the Battery and took all of its energy, growing into a giant. Stewart recited the oath and redirected him and the energy back into the Battery. Months later, the Flash and Kilowog managed to find Stewart's battery without prior knowledge and used it to recharge Kilowog's ring. It was later stolen by Sinestro along with Stewart's ring but returned after he and Static defeated the villain.