Genome Reversal Generator

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (TZP): Kid Genius
Powers/Skills: DNA Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the mid-21st century, Dr. Tannor devised a get rich scheme that catered to senior citizens and their desire to be young again. With a $20 million credit investment secured, he hired Rudy and Gloria Buenventura to create a device capable of achieving that dream. The couple made great strides at the New Mexico-based Tannor Enterprises' Administration Building C until a glitch surfaced in the Research and Development phase. The Genome Reversal Generator was tied into an endless feedback loop after being fed into a geothermal power source. To make matters worse, it de-evolved humans into ape men then into infant children.

After the Buenventura's were transformed into children themselves, Tannor held them hostage and blackmailed their son, Bucky, into trying to solve the problem. Hesitant to go alone, he recruited Zeta and Ro to come along with him. They discovered the geothermal power source were underground hot springs and they were rendered highly unstable. The facility was evacuated before its timely destruction. Zeta managed to download the Generator's schematics before escaping. In the aftermath, Zeta and Bucky Buenventura built a second Generator to restore everyone to normal. It is assumed they destroyed it thereafter.