Fusion Generator

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): Where Rubber Meets the Road
Powers/Skills: Induced Radioactivity
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Fusion Generator is an invention of Alva Industries. It is a compact and efficient nuclear reactor capable of generating unlimited energy. However, it was still highly experimental and unstable and in the wrong hands, the Generator could destroy several square miles and even a whole city. Specs and Trapper were privy to the existence of the device, and long after being terminated from the company, hired Tarmack to steal it. They planned to use the Generator to power their Disaster Matrix and ransom Dakota City for millions.

While Alva Industries used their research satellites to scan for anomalous electromagnetic energy, Alva issued a $1 million reward for the device's return and issued the shutdown procedure to Static, Gear, and Rubberband Man. The shutdown was in five steps: Step One was to flip the switches in sequence - N, V, X, Q, and D, Step Three was to remove the oval magnetic core, and Step Five was to rotate the aluminium collar counter-clockwise. In the confrontation, the Generator's magnetic field was damaged and suffered an energy leak. Rubberband Man managed to shutdown the device before the two minutes were up and a meltdown was initiated.