Freeze Gun

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Heart Of Ice, Deep Freeze, Subzero, and Cold Comfort
Appearances (GG): Hear Me Roar and Cold Hands, Cold Heart
Appearances (BB): Blackout, Disappearing Inque, Sneak Peek, Out Of The Past, and Return Of The Joker
Appearances (JL/U): Starcrossed Part Three
Powers/Skills: Cryokinesis
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Freeze Gun is the primary weapon of the super villain Mr. Freeze. It emits a high-powered spiral blast that instantly freezes anything it comes into contact with. After being defeated by Batman, Freeze was later liberated by Grant Walker and given a second Freeze Gun. Eventually, Batman defeated Mr. Freeze for good. After Freeze's head was turned over to Wayne Enterprises for research, Batman kept the Freeze Gun in the Batcave among other mementos.

During the Thanagarian Invasion, the Justice League moved their base of operations to the Batcave. A Thanagarian unit led by Kragger invaded Wayne Manor and a battle took place. In desperation, Kragger took the Freeze Gun and shot at Superman. Superman countered with his enhanced breath and froze Kragger, instead. About 50 years later, the Freeze Gun came into use again when Inque infiltrated the Batcave. She was frozen into submission and then delivered to Commissioner Gordon. Upon her second battle, Inque managed to destroy the Freeze Gun. It was since rebuilt by Bruce Wayne and returned to the Batcave's display.