Flight Rings

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): New Kids In Town
Appearances (JLU): Far From Home
Powers/Skills: Flight, Communication, Light Projection, and Lifting
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In the beginning, the Legion of Superheroes used jet packs as their personal mode of transportation. After a year, these were replaced by anti-gravity belts. The belts became a liability after an encounter with the super villain, Vibrex. Vibrex could use his power to turn the belts on and off. When Brainiac 5 joined the Legion, he used Element 153, an anti-gravity, psychosensitive metal invented in 2975, and circuitry to create a ring. The flight ring could only be activated through a mental command of its owner. In addition, the ring's circuitry allows for communication between Legionnaires and Legion Headquarters, can project light like a flash light, and can be used to lift people and objects.

The Flight Rings became a staple of Legion culture. It displays their signature "L" insignia. When a new member is initated, he or she must say the oath and then accept a Cloaking Belt and Flight Ring. The latest rings were presented to Supergirl, Green Arrow, and Green Lantern, Jon Stewart, in the 31st century, after the trio helped Brainiac 5 defeat the Fatal Five. To prevent polluting the time stream, they were asked to return the rings. However, Supergirl decided to stay with the Legion as a permanent member.