Fleischer's Comet

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): Little Girl Lost Part Two
Powers/Skills: Elliptical Orbit and Minor Gravitational Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Named after the person who discovered it on Earth, Fleischer's Comet was scheduled to pass Earth sometime in the late 1990's. Like most comets, it is bigger than a meteroid and differs from an asteroid only by its coma or tail and where they are formed. The tail is due to solar radiation that occurs near the nucleus when the comet enters the inner solar system and vents volatile materials. The nucleus is a combination of dust, frozen gases, such as ammonia, carbon dioxide, and methane, and rocks. The nucleus has a low mass because of its composition and thus, is not a perfect sphere. Comets are formed in the outer solar system while the asteroid, in the inner solar system. They range in size from 100 meters to over 40 kilometers. The elliptical orbit of comets can range from 200 to a million years but often disintegrate due to exposure to The Sun's gravitational field or collision with other objects.

Fleischer's Comet was a boon to Darkseid. Unable to invade Earth without provoking the New Gods of New Genesis, he decided to alter the comet's path to impact on Earth and trigger utter devastation. But he would have to do it without an Apokoliptian weapon. Granny Goodness was dispatched to Earth ahead of time to build such a device with Earth technology. Soon enough, the Doomsday Magnet was completed. During an unforeseen battle with Supergirl, the Magnet was activated. Due to her inexperience, Supergirl impulsively smashed the Magnet which didn't reverse the effects of the comet's path to Earth. Superman and Supergirl flew into near space to deflect it with their strength alone. However, as Superman appeared to have succeeded, the comet broke off. Supergirl tried to redeem herself and was badly injured. Nonetheless, the comet was returned to space and most likely disintegrated in time.