Flame of Py'tar

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (JL): Hearts and Minds Part One and Part Two
Powers: Power Bestowal and Plant Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

In ancient times, the Flame of Py'tar came to be and as a senescent being, acted as the living soul of the planet Kalanor. Composed of pure nuclear plasma, it controlled the creation of natural lifeforms. After an undisclosed event, the Flame endured centuries of entrapment and the planet shifted into a desert environment. Seeking to reassert itself in the 21st century, the Flame made telepathic contact with Despero. He misused the Flame's power and channeled it through his third eye, similar to the energy supply and distribution system of the Green Lantern Corps. Despero then took over Kalanor and began a mad conquest across the universe. The Guardians of the Universe grew concerned and sent an extraction unit to arrest Despero.

The team was killed except for Katma Tui and Kilowog. Kilowog barely escaped with his life and sought aid from the Justice League. After regrouping together, they joined Kalanor's underground rebellion and tried to find a way to defeat Despero. After hearing Katma Tui's intelligence on the Flame, Kilowog deduced that thermonuclear mechanics was their solution. Since carbon could arrest nuclear activity, Kilowog constructed a Carbon Bomb to destroy the Flame of Py'tar. Kilowog, Flash, and J'onn Jonzz infiltrated Despero's throne room, where the Flame was kept. In a last ditch effort, the Flame made telepathic contact with Jonzz and suppressed Despero's link, thus suppressing his army's power, too. It then released Jonzz and recreated a flourishing ecosystem on Kalanor.