Fear Toxin

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): Nothing To Fear, Fear of Victory, Dreams in Darkness, and Never Fear
Powers/Skills: Fear Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Fear Toxin is a chemical substance created by Jonathan Crane during his psychology experiments at Gotham State University. Either administered in solid or gas states, the toxin is absorbed through the skin and triggered by adrenaline. It induces hallucinations on its victim and they experience their greatest fear. After Crane became Scarecrow, it became his weapon of choice and those associated with GSU were exposed to the toxin including Batman, Dr. Long, Robin, Brian Rogers, and Batgirl. If the antidote is not administered promptly, a strong dosage of the toxin can induce cardiac arrest and kill. However, over the years Batman and Robin, Dick Grayson, have managed to overcome the effects.

After 1997, Scarecrow created a second fear toxin that removes a person's fear, thus allowing them to commit often daring acts. Administered by the Guru during his self-help seminar, the new toxin was a success. Scarecrow now planned to hold a city-wide test and was to distribute it through Gotham's subway system near 72nd Street. Disguised as Matches Malone, Batman was discovered and doused with it. Aside from now being fearless, Batman was now no longer bound by his vow to never kill. Robin tried to stop Scarecrow ahead of him and secured an aerosol antidote in time to cure Batman and help save Gotham.