DJ Rubber Duckie

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Real Identity: Unknown
Appearances (JL): Comfort and Joy
Powers: Entertainment
Voiced By:

DJ Rubber Duckie was once the most desired toy during one Christmas season. Manufactured in Japan, DJ Rubber Duckie is based on hip-hop music artists. It can dance on its own and makes mock beatboxing sounds that sound more like human flatulence. For the Central City Orphanage, the Flash was asked to get them a DJ Rubber Duckie. Sold out all over the city, the Flash went to a production plant in Japan and convinced its supervisor, Mr. Hama to gift him the last DJ Rubber Duckie. While delivering the toy, the Flash encountered the Ultra-Humanite and it was broken. However, Humanite was touched by the Flash's concern for the children and agreed to help repair it, eager to spread culture and education to uncorrupted youth. Instead of its original features, he programmed the story of "The Nutcracker" ballet. Although confused at first, the children enjoyed their Duckie.