Diagrav Rings

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Untouchable
Powers/Skills: Matter Repelling
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Attempts to aid those who have compromised immune systems, and vulnerable to microbes. In the last decade, bubble suits were the result. However, they were too large and cumbersome. Some time later, iso cells were perfected as sterile environments for such people to live in. Wayne Medical Research was at the forefront of this field. Even in the era of Wayne-Powers Corporation, research continued.

The current research team was led by Dr. Blades and included Dr. Suzuki. The team created the iso field generator ring, a device worn on the mid-section and hands, to generate a dia-gravitational aura that repels all matter, including microbes. An oxy device would then recycle carbon dioxide and create breatheable air. As a result, the ring would provide normal dexterity and allow its user to all but feel the outside world.

Dr. Suzuki was a proponent of weaponizing the rings and securing military contracts. Dr. Blades, however, vehemently with held the device for only medical application. In secret, Suzuki forged invoices and ordered power boosting servocircuitry to overcome the ring's theoritical limits and turn it into a weapon. As the Repeller, he hired himself out as a thief. He helped secure three man-made isotopes for Kobra and attempted to kill Batman. Fortunately, Batman utilized powerful turbines to disorient Suzuki and render him unconscious. Afterwards, the Wayne Medical Research patients continue to utilize the rings for recreation.