Damocles-Class Missiles

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Panic in the Sky
Powers/Skills: Rocket Propulsion, Survival in Space, and Burrowing
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Damocles-Class Missiles are LexCorp technology supplied to Project Cadmus. Unlike a standard missile weapon, the Damocles can be launched into space and are armed with high-powered burrowing implements in the warhead, perfect for siege warfare. The missile, themselves, are named after a Greek tale, the Sword of Damocles. It was a simple morality tale about the perils that those in a position of power must face.

After Cadmus was manipulated by Lex Luthor into thinking the Justice League Unlimited attacked them in retaliation for the kidnapping of the Question, Amanda Waller greenlit a strike team led by Galatea. Along with an army of Ultimen clones, she invaded the main Watchtower with two dozen Damocles-Class Missiles.