Crown of Ti'kal

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): King's Ransom
Powers/Skills: None
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Ti'kal is located in present day Guatemala in the lowland rain forests of South America. It translates into "At the Reservoirs" and was the largest of ancient ruined step pyramids left by the Mayan civilization. Standing 200 feet, Ti'kal houses a royal palace, residence, prison, courts, and recreational areas. Besides the large water basin near the base, Ti'kal is also known for jaguars and spiders. Ti'kal peaked from 200 to 850 A.D. and was often at war with other states such as Uaxactun, Caracol, Dus Pilas, and Naranjo. Hieroglyphic writings call Ti'kal "Yax Mutal." It was the largest of six cities and was thus, the most populated and dominated the region politically, economically, and militarily until it was abandoned near the end of the 10th century due to a mass population decline.

In the 2050's, a surviving relic of Ti'kal is the Crown of Ti'kal, worth $40 million. It was kept in a collection at a museum in Mexico City, Mexico. Paxton Powers arranged it to be stolen and added it to his secret collection of South American art. Three years later, Powers was kidnapped by the Royal Flush Gang and held for ransom. Unable to pay for it, Powers revealed his collection and King ordered Bruce Wayne to retrieve the Crown and deliver it at a specified place and time. King planned to double cross his family and Powers and ransack his entire collection. However, Batman defeated him and restrained his associate Miss Thorpe before she could escape with the Crown. It was confiscated by the Neo Gotham Police as evidence and most likely returned to Mexico afterwards.