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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Deadman's Hand, The Winning Edge, Lost Soul, Bloodsport, Once Burned, Hooked Up, Eyewitness, Final Cut, Armory, The Eggbaby, Plague, Payback, Where's Terry?, Ace in the Hole, King's Ransom, Untouchable, and Inqueling
Appearances (TZP): The Accomplice, Shadows, Wired Part Two, Hunt in the Hub, and The Wrong Morph
Appearances (JLU): The Once And Future Thing Part Two
Powers/Skills: Transaction
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Measured in units, not dollars, credits are the primary payment method in the 2050's. Resembling an plastic bank card, a person simply adds money from their account into the credit and that is swiped at the register during a transaction. In the informal vernacular, they are referred to as creds. They are created and distributed on a local level. In Neo Gotham, credits are made at the Gotham Manufacturers Plastics.

Kobra hatched plot to hold Gotham for a $10 million ransom. Regardless of being paid or not, they planned to coat new creds at the Plastics factory with a quick spreading virus. Batman and the Stalker intervened and prevented the Kobra nest from carrying out their plans. The National Security Agency employs hundreds of infiltration units. Each has their own unlimited credit. From what government account it is drawn from, is unknown.