Cosmic Super String

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (SS): A League of Their Own Part One
Powers/Skills: Gravitational Manipulation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

A Cosmic Super String is a one dimensional spatially topological defect according to cosmology and high energy physics. It contains more energy than a solar flare because when they are formed, a field undergoes a phase change in different regions of space-time and results in condensation of energy density at the boundaries between regions. They are as thin as a proton but has a significant gravitational effect due to the relative deflection of matter and light passing the string on opposite sides. During the expansion of the known universe, cosmic strings would form a network of loops, and their gravity conducted the original clumping of matter into superclusters, groups of thousands of galaxies. Today, their significance is moot but can still be observed during gravitational lensing and pulsar timing or in cosmic microwave background and gravitational radiation. Modern superstring theory posits that a Cosmic Super String can be exist if there is small tension compared to the Planck scale, produced copiously, and are stable on cosmological timescales. Baryon and Tacyon decay contribute to super string instability.

In one instance, the Justice League Watchtower was caught in the path of a Cosmic Super String and had its energy core drained. It was removed from orbit and was falling to Earth's stratosphere. Batman suggested Static to be recruited to recharge the core until Green Lantern John Stewart returned. The super string was also how Brainiac escaped a six level stasis field.