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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BB): Ace in the Hole and Big Time
Powers/Skills: Enhanced Growth
Voiced By: Not Applicable

Cerestone is an experimental growth hormone created by Wayne-Powers Corporation's Bio-Chem Research Department. Once perfected, it could revolutionize the farming industry. However, at its current composition of trithane metatonin, zirconite, and zeltanic methlychloride; the hormone is highly unstable and harmful to health. A rival company, Agri-Chem, was after the secret formula for years.

For the right price, one would create their own synthetic version. Ronny Boxer concocted his own batch of cerestone and used it to create stronger and more vicious fight dogs. Boxer's first experiment exceeded expectations and grew into a behemoth. After tracing Boxer's whereabouts, Batman discovered the cerestone lab but was caught in a fire fight. As a result, the highly flammable chemicals caused a deadly fire.

Some time later, Agri-Chem contracted Karros to steal Cerestone from Wayne-Powers for 40,000 credits. Their first attempt to steal it during a delivery failed when Batman intervened. A second plan was hatched when Charlie Bigelow was added to the fold. Bigelow would infiltrate Wayne-Powers through Terry McGinnis, create a copy of a security guard's handprint to use for biometrics, and let Karros' team in near the east loading bay. As they entered the cerestone lab, Batman arrived. During the battle, Bigelow was doused in a barrel of cerestone and suffered convulsions hours later. He mutated into a monster endowed with super strength.