Captain Nazi Serum

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (JLU): Patriot Act
Powers/Skills: Physical Augmentation and Transformation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

As part of the Project Captain Nazi, an initiative to genetically engineer an army of super soldiers to win World War II for the Nazi Party, a formula was completed in 1944 by Dr. Krieger. It appears that Benzene was used in this formula. Krieger's son, Albrecht, was volunteered to test it. The United States federal government's Office of Strategic Services dispatched Spy Smasher to obtain the formula. Instead of a peaceful surrender, a fight broke out and the Benzene was ignited. Smasher escaped with the formula.

For decades, the government failed to perfect the Captain Nazi Formula and it remained unstable. Reports stated that injection of the forumla into test animals led to horrible deformities and disfigurations. 60 years later, it came into the possession of Project Cadmus and was stored at a desert facility in its Bio Vault. Still opposed to the Justice League, General Eiling broke into the facility and forced an employee, Dr. Anderson, to open the vault. Eiling then injected himself with the formula and transformed into a powerful beast.