Black Hole

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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (STAS): Absolute Power
Appearances (JLU): The Greatest Story Never Told
Powers/Skills: Gravitational Manipulation, Time Dilation, and Light Absorption
Voiced By: Not Applicable

When a compact mass deforms spacetime, such as the gravitational collapse of a heavy star, a black hole is born. A black hole is a region of space that absorbs everything in its path, even light. To be more accurate, the event horizon, a boundary in spacetime around the black hole, is the point through which matter and light can only pass inward towards the mass of the black hole. When a gas enters it, the gas spirals inward, becomes heated to very high temperatures and emits large amounts of detectable radiation.

Within the black hole's center lies a gravitational singularity. It is where the spacetime curvature becomes infinite, and thus the black hole's density is thought to be infinte. It is in the singularity which most believe the black hole's weight lies despite having a zero volume.

Six light years away from Earth, an alien civilization detected two meteors being drawn into a black hole. When they collided with each other, a rift in the Phantom Zone was formed. Jax-Ur and Mala escaped and were nearly killed in space of asphyxiation. A team of scientists rescued them. Unfortunately, the duo then enslaved the planet and slowly built an armada to invade Earth. One year later, Superman arrived to observe the black hole after S.T.A.R. Labs detected it on Earth. After a probe was sent into the gravity well, Superman saved a ship of refugees and mistakingly returned them to the planet, now renamed New Krypton. Superman uncovered their plot and amid an execution in space, Jax-Ur and Mala were instead caught in the black hole and never seen again. Ironically, it was one of the few things that Jax-Ur openly admired.

Years later, in Metropolis on Earth, two researchers named Daniel Brown and Tracy Simmons attempted to create an alternative fuel source using anti-matter. During an experiment, Mordru rampaged through the city and indirectly caused a lab accident. Brown found himself fused with a black hole in his stomach and wandered throughout Metropolis sucking in anything in his way. Booster Gold found Simmons and she explained a special inhibitor collar would safely collapse the black hole and save Brown's life but they'd have to do it soon or the hole would become unstable and threaten the world. After Skeets was sucked in and Booster lost all hope, Simmons rallied him to make the ultimate sacrifice. Once the collar was attached, the black hole was collapsed and everything and everyone that was taken returned to Metropolis as they were.