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Real Identity: Not Applicable
Appearances (BTAS): The Forgotten, The Cat and The Claw Part Two, Feat of Clay Part One, Robin's Reckoning Part Two, The Strange Secret of Bruce Wayne, Tyger, Tyger, Terror in the Sky, Blind As A Bat, Fire From Olympus, The Terrible Trio, The Lion and The Unicorn, Mask of the Phantasm, Subzero, Never Fear, Joker's Millions, The Ultimate Thrill, Girls Nite Out, Chemistry, and Mystery of the Batwoman
Appearances (STAS): World's Finest Part Two, Part Three, and The Demon Reborn
Appearances (JL/U): Secret Origins Part One, Part Two, The Enemy Below Part Two, The Brave and The Bold Part Two, Fury Part One, Maid of Honor Part Two, Secret Society Part One, Part Two, Hereafter Part One, Wild Cards Part One, and Dark Heart
Appearances (SS): The Big Leagues and Hard As Nails
Powers/Skills: Aerial Transportation
Voiced By: Not Applicable

The Batwing is a modified stealth fighter jet used by Batman. Designed in the shape of a bat, the Batwing is armed with stealth technology, tracking system, a grabber claw, nets, spike balls, missiles, and a searchlight. It is also linked to the Batcomputer, can run on autopilot, has preset commands, and especially tuned into the air traffic channels. Much like the Batmobile, it has been destroyed and rebuilt over the years. Sometime after 1997, the Batwing was upgraded to a second generation craft. During a case in Gotham City, Batman armed the Batwing with fermionic gas to freeze anything.

When Batman and Robin were captured by the Joker and his gang of Bang Babies, Static utilized the Batwing to trace their location. Batman later used fermionic gas during a Justice League Unlimited mission to freeze the Dark Heart and buy time. Decades later, it was decommissioned when the latest Batmobile came with the capacity to fly.